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The referee is the most powerful man in any given sport. His referee costume enforces the rules of the game, no matter what they are. Easily visible due to his black-and-white striped uniform, no matter if it is soccer, basketball, wrestling, or hockey – the referee is the one calling the shots. Sometimes, the referee is known as the “ref” for short, and he has the difficult task of breaking up conflicts between players and deciding on plays that can affect the final outcome of the game. He decides if the players have been abiding to the rules and regulations of the game, and everyone trusts the referee costume they are wearing.

Now you too can become one for a short time if you buy a referee costume. Finding great costumes online is easy if you go to specialized sites. You will be sure to find a great referee costume and attend any party in complete control of the night. Being dressed as a referee you can stop the game and blow the whistle on what is fair, what is out of bounds, and even who’s turn it is at any games and special events you may be going to.

Thank you for shopping with RefereeCostume.Com! We have just what you need to call the shots! We all know that referees have the final say and they make the calls that can win or lose the game. You can design the perfect referee costume by selecting some of our spectacular accessories and apparel.

An original referee costume will consist of those tight white pants with a black striped shirt or polo. A ball cap with your favorite team logo would make a great accent piece while you cannot forget the whistle. No referee can function to make the calls without the all attention getting whistle. If you choose short, baseball pants for your referee costume, you will need to select knee socks to complete the look correctly.

Ladies can dress up at the next team party as the referee as well. You can go for the traditional look like you male counterpart or choose to spice things up a bit and choose a sexy referee. To create the sexy look, you can select a low cut black stripe referee shirt and a short white mini skirt. You may even consider topping the look off with black fishnet stockings and a pair of shiny black pumps. When you blow your whistle, every guy in the room is sure to stop to see if they get the foul or not. You can have loads of fun with this look and be the hit of the party.

Some small children want to be a referee and we have smaller apparel to help create their costume. They can have the traditional look just like their little league or pee wee league referees. This has been a growing trend in costumes among young boys especially those who participate in sports.

And if you are a girl, the sexy referee costumes will turn you into the hottest sight on the sidelines! Call the shots just the way you want to in a sexy referee costume from a huge selection of options. The game may be tense, but you’ll drive both teams to total distraction when you walk down the field. Even if you are all about fairness, in a sexy ref costume you will definitely get favored for your looks anytime.

These costumes are perfect for costume parties or Halloween parties, and tend to sell out very fast. Don’t waste any more time huddling over the instant replay, make the right decision and order one of your own Referee Costumes before the season is over!

Get a referee costume for party success

Have you ever wanted to be the referee at the local sporting games in your area? Of course you did! Referees are the visible authority in almost all professional sports. The first official referees were used in 1891, in the game of soccer, and they are the main reason we enjoy sports so much. Referees are used to control game play and fairness. A referee costume is one of the most iconic costumes anyone could want because they look good and inspire originality.

Now is your perfect opportunity to become a referee for your own costume party or Halloween event. To, authentically, portray a football referee, you do not necessarily need to know how to make the signs that the referees use during soccer or basketball games; all you need is a convincing costume. Wearing an adult referee costume, you won’t even have to use the whistle. You will be convincing enough to call time out on everyone’s attention just by playing the part! What is more appealing, is that costumes usually include one zip up dress, with black and white referee stripes which you can also use outside of costume parties or events, or even go be a weekend referee for your son’s game.

The best thing about having a referee costume for Halloween, costume party or even a special sporting event is that you will look the part, no matter what. This means that you cannot go wrong by choosing this costume for your next acquisition. After all, it is true what they say: When you wear the adult referee costume, everyone will call you on it!

Would you like to be a referee for Halloween? Don’t hesitate and get yours now, for a chance to be the sporting authority at a party or real-live sporting match.

Wear a Referee costume this Halloween and get noticed

No matter if you are into sports or not, there is one thing that cannot not escape your thoughts and that is how it feels to be a referee, calling the shots. Aside from being a player, wearing the referee costume is one thing that every players wants to do probably because of their fascination of the sport that they play.

If you’re having a costume party or a sport themed party or you are planning something for Halloween, you get yourself a referee costume and feel the way a referee feels. Most people will wear the uniform of their favorite team. But if you want to be different and want to look like you have authority over others, then a referee costume is ideal for you. Referees make the tough decisions in many sports like baseball, basketball, boxing, football, fencing and volleyball. Referees dress differently than the players to be easily distinguished from them.

Referees are called in a lot of names, in different sports, such as umpire, judge, timekeeper or commissionaire. Referees typically wear dark colors to distinguish themselves from the players. And, since no team wants “vertical black and white stripes”, this makes referee costumes visible. Such uniforms are sometimes different, and some conventional uniforms have been symbolically associated with the referee position. Notable examples include the standard black uniform worn by football umpires or referees, and the vertical white and black stripes worn by refs in a lot of North American sports.

You can actually get the real thing, from referee costumes and equipment used in high schools to the professional leagues. They look like the real deal and most stores sell so many referee costumes that they have dedicated a sections of their site just for this kind of clothing.

The referee costume is an easy to wear a costume. Try on the referee shirt and call the play in at any sports party or Halloween event. In a striped referee style shirt with whistle, all you have to do is add a pair of black pants and your costume is good to go! This also, makes the perfect couple costume, if you want to go with a date.

Referee costume – great for both girls and boys going to a Halloween party

What is black and white and in the center of attention, a soccer ball…or you in a great Halloween referee costume. You can control all the plays in an imposing referee outfit that features all the accessories, clothes and a playful attitude.

If you want to get a good laugh at Halloween this year, you might want to wear a great Halloween costume. There are several quality referee costumes you could get cheaply and easily. Materials for your costume are usually of high quality and come with everything that you need to go to your special event or party ready.

A referee costume for Halloween could not be more well suited for October. The cool Fall weather screams football and if you are a guy or a woman that has a man in her life who is always watching the game and screams at the referees calls, then why not dress up as a referee this Halloween and see if you can do any better. There is just something about someone in a uniform that turns heads, or makes them want to be around them. Maybe it is in the stripes or the black pants…or maybe it is the whistle! Who knows? It just works.

To make sure you are all set, you will definitely need a whistle to keep around your neck. Plus, can also find some black soccer shoes or find yourself a matching soccer ball ring, or other similar sports related jewelry if you are a girl.

If you are a woman, keep referee hair loose, and sexy with roller set curls, or playful with long, low pigtails or braids. But a simple ponytail with some volume at the front would be adorable as well, if you get a simple black cap or visor crooked to the side. The hair should be a mainly messy, inspiring a lot of fun, and look ready for an on-the field game!

No matter who you are, you can hold the fate of the match in your hands with a great referee costume!  If you are calling a foul or just calling for a time-out, make sure you blow the attached whistle to keep the party in line.

The referee is the law in any sport that you can find.  They enforce the rules of the sport and their word is final.  They may not be athletes but they know each rule of the sport that they are officiating.  They are the man in charge in any game and they are the most important person in the field, court, or ring.   No matter the sport, the referee is the most respected man.

Be a symbol of authority and come as a referee in the next Halloween party that you attend.  Complete the look with a whistle and accessory penalty cards.  Cheerleaders and jocks are over-rated and they do not possess the same authority as a referee does.    If you do not have athletic body that you would hope for to achieve the look of a sportsman, then go with a referee and still be a part of the sport.

Becoming a jock is so common in a Halloween party and the same goes for the sexy cheerleader. You will stand out as the man in charge in a referee costume because everybody knows that the referee’s word is final.  Be something different this Halloween and avoid following the fad.  Halloween is the time to bring out your creativeness and prove it by going with something different.

Referee costumes are available in any store.  Buying a costume is more practical than making one nowadays and you will never go wrong with the fit because you can try out these costumes. There are many mistakes that can occur when making a costume so save you the trouble of these mistakes and purchase one instead.  You will end up spending more with correcting your original work than buying one.  In addition, save on the labor as well and get one ready made.

Accessorizing Your Referee Costume

It can be a good ‘call’ to dress like a referee for Halloween or your next masquerade or costume party. Accessorizing your referee costume is fairly easy to do. You will definitely want a referee’s whistle on a cord to hang around your neck (be careful when giving kids cords however, as they can become hung or strangled with them).  This is an accessory that will really authenticate your costume and gives you a way to annoy people at the same time if you so dare. Other accessories to consider are a score pad and athletic shoes, and depending on the sport, a hat.

The Right Fit For Your Referee Costume

Blow the whistle on ill-fitting costumes once and for all by measuring properly for your referee costume. You don’t want to leave the ‘game’ early due to your costume not fitting like it should. Measure your chest, torso, hips and waist prior to ordering your referee costume, and then compare those measurements to the size chart for the costume that you like most. You can usually tell at a glance if the costume will fit. If not, buy the next biggest size. You might also need to measure your inseam – the seam running from the center of the crotch of your pants down the inner thigh. Taking ‘time out’ to measure can ensure that your costume fits like it should and that you will be able to enjoy yourself to the fullest.

Love to call the shots? Then how about stepping out as a referee? This is a character of immense power and the one who decides the way a game goes. Mess with the referee in any game and you have every chance of being sent back to the stands. Since the costume is the same for hockey, football, wrestling and the like, you can always pick your choice of sport to represent. And why can’t there be a Female Referee? This is of course a sexier version of the Referee costume. You can easily customize the costume to represent a favorite team logo if you like.


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